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Are You Thinking About Buying A Home But Not Sure Where To Start?

Hi, I’m Dina Soliman and I am dedicated to helping my clients make their next move as smooth and easy as possible. Let me show you how!

I am a young and passion driven realtor gone mortgage loan officer.

I am passionate about the potential of real estate changing lives for the better which is why I got my mortgage loan originators license in addition to my real estate license so that I can help serve my clients in the best way possible. I practiced real estate for two years before I found my passion in mortgages and decided to do it full time! 

I pride myself on my knowledge of the real estate business and my ability to walk my clients from beginning to end. 

Everybody is different, so let’s meet and talk through your financial situation and goals to see how I can make this happen for you.

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NMLS# 2219207

Meet Dina

A born-and-raised New York girl with nothing more than a passion for homes and design, I’m proud to have a created a business around helping people make their homeowner dreams a reality!

As a licensed mortgage loan officer, I am always excited to guide my clients through one of the most important financial decisions of their life and show them that homeownership is not as scary as it seems! 

How It All Began

It all started when I was around 10 years old, the day I discovered HGTV for the first time. It felt like I had stepped into a whole new world. I spent years of my life watching real estate shows and home make over shows and I loved nothing more then that anticipation leading up to the end of an episode when these people would find or create their dream homes. That sparkle that would be in their eyes was exhilarating to me. I always knew I wanted nothing more, then to make people that frikken happy!


Originally in high school, I had always told myself I was going to end up being an interior designer because I just had such a passion for it and the end results of these huge transformations were everything for me. Once I got older, I realized why not try something that would transform peoples entire lives instead of just a room in their house.. A few years later, and here we are!

What My Clients Say About Me

"Dina made buying my first home such a breeze!"

“I was new to property ownership and she was professional and personal! She made me feel comfortable and helped me every step of the way! She was always available to answer my questions and responded fast all of the time. She really cares about her clients. Most importantly she got the best price possible for my house! She kept me updated about available appointments and always let me know as soon as a new one came on the market. After dealing with other brokers and being disappointed, I felt lucky to find Dina Soliman, she is the best of the best!”

– Marise, SI/NY, First Time Buyer

Let Me Show You How You Can Do This Too!

I tell all of my clients that I would like to meet with them a few months before they are ready to start their home search. The reason for this is because this is going to be one of the biggest transactions of your life, so time needs to be spent going over every last decision, and whether or not these said decisions fit in with your short term, long term life and financial goals. 

Don’t be shy, schedule your free initial consultation below! I’d love to meet with you and discuss your specific situation to see what’s possible for you!

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As of right now, it is a 580 minimum to qualify with FHA!

3.5% for an FHA loan and 3-5% for conventional loan. 

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