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Are You Thinking About Buying A Home But Not Sure Where To Start?

What You Need to Know About
Buying a Home

Are You Ready to Buy This Year?

I want you to dream big and thoughtfully answer some questions that will help make sure your real estate decisions and the home you buy will match this life you want. 

You’re the one who will be living in this home every single day, living in this neighborhood, and living this lifestyle day in and day out.

I want you to be happy with all of it, and that starts with what YOU want. 

Your self-analysis at the very start should lead you to the right home purchase for you and your lifestyle (and yes, budget!). Most real estate agents don’t approach home buying this way. 

It’s important to ask yourself questions that dig deeper than the traditional “How many bedrooms you would like in a home?” questions.

These more revealing questions that delve into detailed aspects of your needs and desires give you the opportunity to think carefully about what you want this next step in your life to be like. Your honest answers to these questions are what should drive your home search but remember to be realistic as well. 

Your answers to these questions will help you avoid a personal and financial disaster when it comes to real estate.

Let’s connect and get started on answering these questions!
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What Can You Expect?

My commitment to you. 


Help you determine what you want and need and set a budget that is comfortable for you and your finances.


Voraciously represent your best interests throughout every step. From recommending loan programs that meet your financial goals to keeping our conversations confidential to negotiating fairly yet fiercely to get you the best terms possible; your goals are my goals. 


Exceptional service, a fun home buying or selling experience, and an interest in keeping in touch well after the transaction to help you be a successful homeowner too. 


An “I’ll handle it” attitude. You have enough on your plate and you’re hiring me as you counselor and guide. You’ll hear me say this a lot during our time working together and even after you’ve moved in to your new home. Handling “it” is literally my job for you.  


Constant communication and always letting you know what’s coming up next. You’ll always feel like you are in-the-know about what’s going on and what’s coming up next.  

My Process for Finding You a Home

The process starts with an initial conversation with me to determine your particular needs, desires and goals. I will create a step by step plan to help you find the perfect home.

Let's Start The First Step Into Your New Life!

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